The truly endless timing belts

Manufactured in endless lengths with helically wound cords, HabaSYNC flex timing belts provide double the tensile strength of joined endless timing belts. This makes them ideal for synchronized conveying and precise positioning of heavy loads, as well as for high power transmission applications, especially where chemical- and wear resistance are required.

Flex timing belts are available in a wide range of pitches and materials, and are manufactured with a variety of cord options. Diverse Habasit TPU matrix materials provide resistance to abrasion, hydrolysis, UV light, ozone, oil, grease and some acids and caustic solutions, making our seamless HabaSYNC flex timing belts ideal for different industries and applications.

Timing belts customized to precisely meet your needs

HabaSYNC flex timing belts are produced from a standard sleeve width of 150 mm / 5.9". Thanks to our slitting lane technology and the variable arrangement of the cords inside the sleeve, we can slit the sleeve into fully customized belt widths exactly in line with your requirements. You are not restricted to standard belt widths. The result: high-quality belts in the right width with clean, homogeneous edges completely covered by TPU, with no risk of cord exposure or migration to your product. Another benefit is the option to arrange the cords so that holes can be punched, or screws positioned, exactly where required on the belt.

open end timing belt

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