Habasit is proud to announce the Habasit Saniclip Retrofit kit. In the past, the Saniclip had to be ordered alongside the belt. That is no longer the case. This innovative kit allows customers to integrate the Saniclip into their existing Habasit plastic modular belts.

The Saniclip has long been recognized for its ability to streamline belt maintenance and cleaning operations. Its tool-free, user-friendly design empowers operators to swiftly remove and reinstall belts within seconds without requiring special training. The Saniclip is available for 19 plastic modular belt styles and counting. Most recently, we introduced a new Saniclip tailored for IS610 radius belts.

With the Habasit Saniclip Retrofit Kit, customers can effortlessly incorporate the Saniclip onto their current plastic modular belts. The kit is easy to order and simple to install.

Unlock a world of benefits:

  • Comprehensive Kit: Everything you need is in one package, including extra belt modules and rods.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation: With no module cutting required, upgrading your belt can be as hassle-free as possible.
  • Wide Compatibility: Available for 19 plastic modular belt styles, with more being added.


Elevate your operations with the time-saving power of the Saniclip. Access our detailed installation guide in the release flyer, which includes ordering steps and a QR code to the installation video