Habasit proudly announces the launch of the latest addition to our Saniclip portfolio, the IS610-R Habasit Saniclip belt accessory. This addition underscores our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the hygiene and maintenance standards of the food industry.
Suited for Radius Belts
The IS610-R Saniclip is made for radius applications, particularly in connection conveyors where frequent and quick rod removal for easy belt access is needed.
Remove and Install a Belt in Seconds
The Saniclip can be removed and installed in seconds, not minutes. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the food industry, it facilitates frequent and efficient belt cleaning. It's essential for maintaining the highest hygiene standards and reducing downtime.
Patented, Tool-free Design
The Saniclip's hallmark feature is its tool-free rod installation and removal mechanism. Eliminating the need for tools simplifies maintenance tasks and encourages operators to stay focused on safe practices. The risk of damaging the belt from tools is also eliminated.
Simple to Use
The Saniclip is intuitive. Line operators can easily remove and install the Saniclip without any special training, which helps streamline operations and increases uptime. The integrated plug and rod assembly is ingeniously designed to prevent accidental loss, ensuring ease of use and reliability.