A Texas-based cheese company was using a conveyor to move cheese wheels to an auto-wrapper for packaging. However, the belt didn’t have the antimicrobial properties necessary for handling unpackaged food products. The end effect was microbial contamination resulting in frequent belt replacement. Each belt change-over required the entire line to stop, causing significant maintenance downtime and sizable production loss. To make matters even more challenging, the current belt had a six-to-eight-week lead time.

To increase food safety, improve quality control and reduce costly downtime, the cheese company needed a belt with exceptional hygiene and microbial resistance properties. After testing several belts, Habasit provided the prime solution: FAB-2E+H15.

FAB-2E+H15 belt has the antimicrobial ingredients needed for improved hygiene and food safety. In addition, joining method aided in improved tracking and ultimately better-quality control of the product. With FAB-2E+H15, belt replacements dropped by 50%. Plus, quick delivery and significantly fewer weeks of unnecessary downtime.


Results: $11,106 annual savings per production line, based on belt maintenance, replacement and installation not including the values of production loss or losses due to product quality.