Our commitment to Quality

At Habasit we understand quality goes beyond the reliability of our products. We know our customers rely on us to provide them with solutions best suited for their needs and a service they can depend on to keep their processes, and business, in motion.

We foster a company culture in which quality comes in the shape of advice and knowledge we offer, excellence in service and products and solutions you can trust. 

Habasit Quality Statement



Habasit pursues a policy of responding to the long-term requirements of our customers. We aim to generate added value for customers and to support their success.

Products and Services

Our integrated management system supports and promotes the continuous improvement of products and services. The selection and monitoring of top-class raw materials together with innovative ideas leads to excellent products with long service lives


Every employee is responsible for his or her own performance. This particularly includes quality consciousness. Personal growth in the current position, and self-fulfillment, are also the responsibility of the employee. As an employer, Habasit encourages both.


Processes generate results, and thus also their quality. Habasit uses a process-oriented management system. Where necessary, processes are continuously improved to enhance quality and to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Quality in everything